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Greatest Sporting Event You Witnessed Live

rayajr's Photo rayajr 10 Jul 2018

 ATLien, on 10 July 2018 - 09:28 AM, said:

Enjoyed a full 12 rounds of it.
The greatest event of his life.

BoxingFan's Photo BoxingFan 10 Jul 2018

 ATLien, on 10 July 2018 - 07:18 AM, said:

You were there?  Amazing!!

Both days.

ATLien's Photo ATLien 10 Jul 2018

 BoxingFan, on 10 July 2018 - 10:11 AM, said:

Both days.

Willikn's Photo Willikn 10 Jul 2018

I have so very little as far as cool events.  Probably the tops on my list was watching Duncan and Robinson play in Chicago against the Bulls in a regular season game.  Jordan hit a three as the horn sounded to send it to overtime.  One of two times Duncan and Jordan were on the court at the same time.

A few cool sports moments.  I figure most here have already heard me tell of these things.

1.  Sitting on a concrete bench attached to a giant Oscar Robertson statue waiting for a friend to join me to watch a basketball game.  He was late so the game started with me outside.  Oscar comes to every game, but he does arrive late to avoid media and fans.  He also uses a different entrance.  Dude was three feet from me as I was literally sitting on HIS statue.  Just the two us on the concourse.  He gave me a very clear look of, "Don't F'in talk to me."  I didn't.  

2.  I went to high school with Pete Rose JR.  He is two years older than me but failed once.. probably should have more than once.  Very nice guy.  Just not too smart.  He was drafted by the Orioles in 1988.  A group of friends, with him, bought a ton of Orioles plastic batting helmets.  We would go to sports memorabilia conventions and he'd sign them for eight bucks a pop.  Personalized, whatever.  I think i still have a dozen of those helmets stashed somewhere.

Usually some Reds utility player would be there too, or maybe some guy that retired in 1975.  Once though I sat next to Tony Gwynn for a few hours.  

3.  Walking around the Univ Cincinnati killing time before a game against Memphis.  A BBQ joint inside the student center served good food but was too pricey for students.  Bad business model.  Mr Jim's.  Sitting in Mr. Jim's eating a plate of BBQ and beans.. by himself.. 18 year old Penny Hardaway.  No team mates.  No coaches.  No one.  Just him.  Freakin' surreal.  We contemplated kickin' the hell out of him.  Memphis would have no chance if he was banged up.  As it turned out, they lost to Cincinnati four times that year WITH him, so no big deal regardless.

Instead we did nothing.  I shook his hand.  Big Man!