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Bradley Pryce

BoxingFan's Photo BoxingFan 21 Jun 2018

Boxer Bradley Pryce says he spent the last few years of his career fearing he "could die in the ring" due to problems with his vision.

The former light-middleweight Commonwealth champion, who boxed professionally from 1999 before retiring earlier this year, says he knew how to "cheat" eye examinations and that he did so to prolong his career as "boxing is all I know".
Welsh fighter Pryce, who has spoken openly in the past about issues with bulimia and alcohol excess, says he now has problems with his vision and balance but admits he did not inform the British Boxing Board of Control (BBOC), British boxing's regulatory body, about his issues.
The BBOC assesses boxers' eye health based on testing from "qualified professionals", meaning that a boxer is expected to visit an optician for a standard eye test that any member of the public would undergo.
BBOC general secretary Robert Smith says he is disappointed in Pryce's comments and expressed belief that the British Boxing Board is "amongst the strictest in the world" regarding boxer safety.