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bazooka's Photo bazooka 18 Sep 2018

View PostWhenWeWereKings, on 18 September 2018 - 08:05 PM, said:

It's his sidekick lawyer pal. Can't stand him.
he's a nerd but i don't mind him. Only time i wanted to punch his face in was when he found out that Matt is DD.  Dude chewed him out for an episode or two as if Matt had just stolen his woman.  STFU already bitch.  Your bestie is a fucking hero, and you're crying like a cunt about it???

The Akbar One's Photo The Akbar One 21 Sep 2018

Snowfall is top notch

ATLien's Photo ATLien 21 Sep 2018

 The Akbar One, on 21 September 2018 - 05:03 PM, said:

Snowfall is top notch
Season 2 has been damn good  http://forums.doghou...howtopic=193423

The Akbar One's Photo The Akbar One 25 Sep 2018

Gomorrah Season 3 is top notch as well.