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G G G - Canelo Is Officially Cancelled

johnnyblaze's Photo johnnyblaze 12 Apr 2018


I'll get back to this tomorrow, it's gym time.

chewbie's Photo chewbie 12 Apr 2018

 ender, on 12 April 2018 - 06:29 PM, said:

In a pure fantasyland way. Lou did no such thing. When Sergio was on PPV, GGG was barely getting on HBO in a replacement fight at the Turning Stone Casino. If anything, GGG is doing what Sergio critics whined about for years: He is being given the pass to take a stay busy fight on HBO's dime, robbing subscribers of a pay cable-worthy fight. Apparently, HBO is doing to GGG's mando fight what they did to Sergio's vs Zbik: Not offering enough money to satisfy both sides. When that happened to Martinez, I heard many of critics say "Fight on PPV not on the HBO annuity plan." yet here is GGG, determined to fight on the Mexican fanbase he is piggybacking off of's holiday. Mr. All The Belts is ignoring his IBF mandatory, which is due. Lennox Lewis took on Klitschko with two weeks notice when his fight with Sanders got cancelled. What gives with Mr. I Respect Box? It is interesting watching him at the end of his career and scramblinge for the big money fight the way Martinez was criticized for doing.

No one is forcing GGG to wait around for his big money fight. Or forcing him to fight twice a year. If GGG wants all the belts then he should defend them in a timely manner not look for the softest opponent possible on the HBO subscriber dime. Unlike GGG, Sergio didn't duck mandatories. And had he beaten Cotto, and this is from Lou and Tom Loeffler, an agreement was in place for a GGG-Martinez fight to happen next. Why? Because that was the only time that the fight made sense for all involved. When Martinez' career was finishing out in the Garden, Golovkin was still fighting in a 900 seat theater in Monte Carlo.

Martinez never turned down an HBO or GGG offer for a fight because, beyond what I just mentioned, there wasn't one.

When GGG had finally worked himself into an opponent worthy of Sergio, Martinez was looking at his big money fight which was the Cotto fight. Now that GGG is in the same spot and has multiple worthy mandatories, suddenly the excuses come out for why he needs to be given a pass. It is a hilarious and ridiculous double standard.

boxalettice 's Photo boxalettice 12 Apr 2018

 johnnyblaze, on 12 April 2018 - 02:45 PM, said:

Looking like it will be Vanes against GGG on May 5.
Vanes gave Charlo all he could handle.

Shaun Michaels's Photo Shaun Michaels 12 Apr 2018

I honestly don't think Lou wants his guy fighting GGG on such short notice TBH, I think he is just trying to negotiate a step aside fee for a future date after the Canelo rematch.

WhenWeWereKings's Photo WhenWeWereKings 13 Apr 2018

Do we have a confirmed opponent yet?