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Keith Thurman

hitman_hatton1's Photo hitman_hatton1 10 Apr 2018

spence moaning about it here.


on a sidenote.

i see boxrec have jeff horn at no1. :D

9secondko's Photo 9secondko 10 Apr 2018

Spence will talk like this... until HE gets injured. Then all of a sudden it will make sense. But not before.

Thurman had some unfortunate injuries. It doesnít mean that he should be disrespected and lose his titles. Heís the champ and deserves to heal. I do believe there should be a time list not though. Maybe two years or something like that. Itís likely already policy.

And whoever wrote that article canít even keep one thought clear. The writer states that Thurman injured his elbow DURING the Garcia fight but then blasts him for not disclosing it BEFORE the fight. The entire tone of the article, with my oriole quotes from Spence and none from Thurman read like Spence wrote the thing himself.

Anyone see that Brook-Spence meetup recently? Brook looked like a cruiserweight. What weight is he competing at?