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Andre Ward Agrees To Come Out Of Retiremen...

9secondko's Photo 9secondko 12 May 2018

 dazzler, on 12 May 2018 - 06:46 AM, said:

His footworked sucked because his right leg was fooked right from the beginning.  It is impossible to box with one leg.  It was just an uncompetitive money grab by a shot fighter cashing out.  Bellew is an average to good fighter with oustanding trash talking skills.

Agreed. The recent torn bicep didnít help matters at all.

Haye was a mess going in and had already shown signs of being done in previous fights as well as the first fight.

It was a bellew being younger and the fight happened my at a favorable time for him.

Younger Haye knocks him out in a round or two.