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Sugar_Dean_Cuntly's Photo Sugar_Dean_Cuntly 13 Apr 2018

I'm naively hoping that I'll get to do more reading when the kid is born. It's a hobby that can be easily picked up and put down.

Let's see how that works out :lol:

boxalettice 's Photo boxalettice 15 Apr 2018

Real Magic by Dean Radin is a good read

Bondok's Photo Bondok 15 Apr 2018

"Donkey love" by Raya Donkejandro

True Fist's Photo True Fist 18 Apr 2018

I finished the Robot series by Asimov, and it was a great ride! The characters he created have such a lasting effect, I wished that it would just keep on going. I started his Galactic Empire series, but so far I'm not finding a connection to the universe set in the Foundation/Robot series.