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ender's Photo ender 09 Jan 2013

DoghouseBoxing is not responsible for anything posted on the message Boards.

You may not post articles that are MEMBERS ONLY articles from other sites.

No advertising. (That includes personal websites)

No Outside prediction leagues

No Spam

No Threats to members or Moderators.

No Swearing in the Titles of Threads.

No attacking Boxers in the title of Threads.

No racist comments of any kind.

Moderators have the rights to edit anything not suitable to our standards.

DoghouseBoxing is NOT responsible for what you post. Nor do we endorse anything posted. So anyone offended by what someone else posted ... that's your problem..certainly not ours.

We offer no retractions or apologies for anything posted by members.

Members are responsible for what they post.

All Avatars and Sig files must be Rated Pg-13.

Treat everyone with respect.

NO SMACK TALK (including in the Lounge).

No vulgarity.

You may not disrespect anyone who uses the forum. This includes Boxers who use the site and post. You must respect everyone's opinion.

If you have problems, do not start forum wars....instead speak to a moderator and discuss your problem(s) in a reasonable manner.

You may not call anyone names or attack them on the forum.

Moderators will edit any VULGAR displays of vocabulary, pictures, avatars and trash talk.

You may not trash the Dog Pound or it's members.

These rules will be changed and updated. It is up to you to keep informed.

Please respect The Dog Pound and all of it's members.

Please Note: Any accounts terminated, will not be reactivated. Your account can be terminated/Banned at anytime with out notice.

Also: Thou shall not bribe Zeke with Booze or manipulate the Claude Factor in anyway.

WhenWeWereKings's Photo WhenWeWereKings 26 Apr 2016

As a reminder, please treat all members with respect while you post in Boxing Chat.  

Keep it clean.