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Snowfall- New Series On Fx

True Fist's Photo True Fist 07 Aug 2018

View PostATLien, on 06 August 2018 - 12:10 PM, said:

Bruh, this season is delivering big time.  Quit screwin around and get on board!  It's pretty interesting seeing the evolution of Franklin.  I wanna see what he becomes in the end and how long does it last for him before he's dead or in jail.

Parents left town yesterday, so I finally got to watch episode 1! :lol: I'll be fully caught to this week.

True Fist's Photo True Fist 12 Aug 2018

Alright, finally all caught up on Snowfall! This season has been off to a great start. There's a lot more going on now that the first season laid the groundwork.

Damn, Franklin sure has come up a lot. He's the big boss of his crew and making enough to now but 10 keys a week from Teddy. Of course, mo money mo problems. Two of men got killed by the Mexicans for signing on Pico, in a place they were told not to be. This has Kevin losing his mind with the situation as he feels guilty for getting his little cousin involved, and ultimately killed. Then he goes off and skims the take? Pffft, Franklin is going to have to handle that soon for real. He's too much of a loose cannon to be trusted in the crew.

Lucia and Oso are doing well. Although now the cousin is back with his "fiance", who I was thinking was fishy from the get go. Turns out she's a fed. Looks like the pyschic that Oso saw was seeing the truth. At least he is aware and on the lookout for someone. This can only end with Lucia taking out both her and the cousin.

I like the addition of Teddy's brother in the show. He's a good partner right now. But we'll see how that goes now that he knows his brother's hidden skeletons (literally).

But damn, this show is excellent this season! I look forward to seeing how this season plays out.