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Johnny Hopper's Photo Johnny Hopper Today, 10:16 AM

View PostJack Tripper, on 21 July 2018 - 10:10 AM, said:

Idk what to tell you Hoppy, you continue to ignore details and context. I'm tired of going in circles with you. Your memory is shit. All this has been explained to you before.

You're gonna need to get your story straight. Because as of now, considering all the accusations you've made about Obama, it makes zero sense, they conflict.

Keep it up, traitor.

I notice you don't refute any of the points I make about Obama effectively making it easier for Russia to attack us.

You just want to claim it's already been discussed, it certainly hasn't and you can't use the "At this point what does it matter" Hillary defense.

If it's treasonous for Trump to fail to confront Putin in person, then it's damn sure treasonous for Obama to do the same and more.