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Avengers Infinity War - Spoiler Alert

Willikn's Photo Willikn 11 May 2018

 Chance, on 11 May 2018 - 12:39 PM, said:

Read a theory that Loki has been posing as Banner this whole time. His character did seem "off" in the movie and it makes sense why no hulk

Fun read, but not a legit theory.   Blown apart by the following:

1.  Hulk and Loki were both present when Loki was killed.  He can't pretend to be someone who is already there.
2.  Banner was trying to switch into the Hulk when he was inside the "Hulk Buster" Iron Man suite.  No one could see him.  Nothing gained by faking then.
3.  If Loki is Banner, where's Banner?

Plot holes could explain some things, but the biggest reason why this theory holds no water is that nothing is gained.  

Thanos got the power stone off screen.  That's the stone from the first Guardians movie.  The stone that can destroy planets.  That's why he thrashed the hulk.  How exactly did he get it?  We didn't see that part but we may.  If time is wound back to that spot, he doesn't get the power stone, he can't beat hulk without it, everyone is back.  We aren't rehashing a scene we've already witnessed.

ReggieJay's Photo ReggieJay 13 May 2018

Was what I signed up for. Saw it in a full theater and had one of those experiences I rarely get where the crowd was reacting to the big moments right along with me. Cap walking out of the shadows, Thor arriving in Wakanda, T'Challa fading away--these drew big reactions from the audience. It was great.

Now, Thanos is the only character to have any semblance of an arc in the whole movie, and the Vision/Scarlet Witch stuff doesn't really work IMO. But that's not what I wanted from this. I wanted a better-than-average villain, I wanted all these characters to interact, I wanted all these stories to be tied together. I wanted an event movie, and I got one. That was enough for me.