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Undefeated W B F Champ Is Arrested For Kil...

Crow's Photo Crow 14 Sep 2018

This story was all over the Southern California TV news, on ever TV news channel, and not a single boxing website covered this story. Its as if the boxing media kept silent and didn';t want to cover this story. Not even boxingscene or fightnews covered this story, as they usually do cover any story of a boxer being arrested because they seem to cover every boxing related story worldwide.

Just recently Boxer Geronta Davis was arrested for streetfighting and boxingscene and figthtews covered it, but this boxing champion gets arrested for killing 2 this past week, and no one publishes it.

You're the 1st to have it published.

Chance's Photo Chance 14 Sep 2018

Damn I didn't see this

WhenWeWereKings's Photo WhenWeWereKings 15 Sep 2018

Wow, thatís a tragedy.

rayajr's Photo rayajr 15 Sep 2018

That dude's in jail and sober now.  I bet he regrets the fuck out of what happened now. What an idiot.

boxalettice 's Photo boxalettice 15 Sep 2018

WBF that's like fake title really

RickS's Photo RickS Yesterday, 11:24 AM