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The Offical Nba Basketball Thread

El Juan's Photo El Juan 15 Jun 2018

I also hear Paul George with them.

El Juan's Photo El Juan 18 Jun 2018

Members from TNT's "Inside the NBA" played against former MLB stars on ABC’s “Celebrity Family Feud” Sunday where retired basketball player Charles Barkley blurted out an answer that left everyone, including audiences, scratching their heads.

Host Steve Harvey asked the 55-year-old, “If a man’s zipper breaks at church, what might he use to cover it up?”

Without hesitation, Barkley responded, “A child.”

The jaw-dropping guess even appeared on the board.

The answer was so shocking that sportscaster Ernie Johnson Jr. switched teams and joined the MLB to get away from Barkley. Still, everyone on both sides found the strange answer comical.

“The man gonna get us locked up,” chuckled Shaquille O’Neal. “Not a good answer. Put your hands behind your back. You’re under arrest.”

Barkley, attempting to defend his answer, said, “I meant a baby!”

The teammates, while laughing, agreed Barkley’s next guess was even worse.

“Then he tried to fix it!” said Harvey, still stunned by Barkley’s answer. “He said, ‘I meant a baby.’ Oh God, this is on YouTube. You know what’s crazy? It’s probably gonna be up there, though. Somebody’s child!”

Despite the inappropriate answer, it was Barkley who had the last laugh. When the answer “person” was revealed, Barkley was still awarded points.

Harvey still laughed at the televised fiasco.

“I told you yes, ‘person’ sounds better,” said Harvey. “Child? Baby? Damn, Chuck."

ATLien's Photo ATLien 19 Jun 2018

Don't know if you guys recall JJ Hickson, but he's up to some interesting things down here.  Not quite as bad as soldier Kellen Winslow, but still


boxalettice 's Photo boxalettice 21 Jun 2018

 El Juan, on 07 February 2018 - 12:50 PM, said:

An unnamed Cavs thinks Montell Jordan would help their team.
golden state

Willikn's Photo Willikn 22 Jun 2018

View PostEl Juan, on 07 February 2018 - 12:50 PM, said:

An unnamed Cavs thinks Montell Jordan would help their team.

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