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Antonio Tarver's Camp Calls Green Primitive

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 09 Jul 2011

Tarver's camp calls Green primitive

The long-time trainer of IBO cruiserweight challenger Antonio Tarver has branded the boxing style of reigning champion Danny Green "primitive".

Four-time world boxing champion Tarver touched down in Sydney on Friday with trainer Jimmy Williams, 83, in preparation for his clash with Green on July 20.

Williams, who has overseen Tarver's boxing since he was 11 years old, told journalists Green's roundhouse style was the stuff of animal instinct.

"To throw a straight punch you have to be taught, roundhousing punches is more animal instinct," he said.

Williams said Green "loops around" and does not know how to throw straight punches.

"We throw straight punches. Straight punches beat round punches every time," he said.

Former heavyweight Tarver says he is in the best physical and mental state he could be in as he drops down in weight.

"Cruiserweight is my comfortable weight, my best weight I think, at this stage," the American said.

Tarver, who has won 28 of 34 fights, 19 by knock-out, has won the IBO light heavyweight champion title three times.

He debuted as a heavyweight late last year, but has trimmed down to fight in the cruiserweight category.

"We came down slowly. We worked our way down and it came off naturally," he added.

On top of an intense regime of gym and sparring work, Tarver has been conditioning his body with cross-training and unorthodox activities such as pulling large men on sleds.

"If it has to go 12 rounds, I'm going to be equipped to fight for 12 rounds," he said.

Tarver says he is ready to break Green's will and then knock him out.

"We came prepared for war. That's what we're going to be in for," a confident Tarver declared.

"I know he has three losses on his record so I know he can be defeated.

"Danny Green has never been hit by me. I don't know who he's faced, what type of punches he's faced in the past, but I can crack. And if he don't think I can crack he's sadly mistaken.

"It's my job to break him, break his will, then knock him out."

The_Ikon's Photo The_Ikon 09 Jul 2011

Should be interesting I'm watching...

Canvas's Photo Canvas 10 Jul 2011

I am picking Green by TKO 10.

Spike's Photo Spike 10 Jul 2011

slickvik69, on Jul 10 2011, 03:14 PM, said:

Hard to find a profession where you can make 6 figures in one night.

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is tarver making 6 figures?

RickS's Photo RickS 10 Jul 2011

Spike, on Jul 10 2011, 11:11 PM, said:

is tarver making 6 figures?

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He'd better be, considering his traveling itinerary. I read where he is now divorced. That could make you broke in a hurry. Just a guess though...

He should stop the talk though, because Green could give anyone trouble.

Dilly's Photo Dilly 10 Jul 2011

Some money to be made betting Tarver this fight. Hope it goes better than my Hopkins-Pascal bet. :unsure:

D-Gonza's Photo D-Gonza 10 Jul 2011

slickvik69, on Jul 10 2011, 08:14 PM, said:

Hard to find a profession where you can make 6 figures in one night.

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Tarver is probably making 7 figures for the Green fight. The promoters have to cough up the cash to bring the names down under.

Joey's Photo Joey 11 Jul 2011

6 figures easy and probably 7 like dgonza said. And like RickS said, Tarver better watch out with his talk, I've seen primitive skills win a few times.