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Floyd Mayweather Is The Cash Victor Again

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 11 Sep 2011

Floyd Mayweather is the cash Victor again
COLIN HART - The Voice of Boxing, The Sun Uk

FLOYD 'MONEY' MAYWEATHER, boxing's most avaricious cash cow, is about to add more millions to his bulging financial portfolio.

The US economy is in a disastrous state but a budget deficit isn't something Mayweather's accountants have to worry about.
He challenges Victor Ortiz for his WBC world welterweight title in Las Vegas tomorrow week. The clash can be seen on Primetime and Mayweather's presence is expected to raise £25million at the TV box office.

In his previous seven pay-per-view appearances, he has brought in a staggering £250m.

But despite being a five-time world champ and still unbeaten after 41 fights, Mayweather would head few popularity polls.
His behaviour has, at times, been obnoxious. Who can forget the sight of him flaunting his wealth by setting fire to $100 bills? Yet he's still a must-see.

Ortiz's mother ran off when he was seven and his alcoholic father beat him until he too walked out. Victor, 24, was in a foster home at 10 and, before turning pro at 17, he earned a living as a drug dealer. Manager Rolando Arellano said: "Victor's been through the gates of hell. He is a beast inside the ring."

Ortiz said: "Floyd is a good fighter but I never thought he was great."

It's more than likely Mayweather will make him eat his words.

Perhaps then we might see Mayweather meet Manny Pacquiao,

The pay-per-view revenue for that one would go off the radar.