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Tyson Fury: I値l Hog Glory Now I知 Not A F...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 11 Sep 2011

Tyson Fury: I’ll hog glory now I’m not a fat pig!


TYSON FURY reckons he has gone from fat pig to lean, mean fighting machine.

The unbeaten Manchester heavyweight steps up in class when he takes on American journeyman Nicolai Firtha at Belfast's Kings Hall next Saturday.

And Fury, who boasts 10 KOs in his 15 wins, claims he has finally got his act together as he attempts to line up a world title shot next year.

Fury, 22, said: "I looked at myself on TV and didn't like what I saw.

"I looked like a fat pig.

"Against John McDermott, I was more than 19st — not the sort of condition a top-level athlete should be in.

"It was never the training with me. I'd put everything and more into gym work and sparring. It's been the food — plenty of junk.

"In the past, If I went to the movies I'd have to have a box of popcorn, a bag of sweets, ice-creams and a big bottle of pop.

"Now I'll take a fruit salad and a big bottle of water. The main thing I've been cutting out is fizzy drinks. I'm just drinking up to five litres of water a day, eating lots of fruit and veg and it has made a hell of a difference."

Firtha has never boxed 12 rounds and Fury should triumph.

BoxingFan's Photo BoxingFan 11 Sep 2011

I notice his fight on Saturday is on a bit earlier.  That's good.  My break after the beer won't be as long after watching the football results.

stevieb_8006's Photo stevieb_8006 11 Sep 2011

i sort of respected his fatness. why do these boxers ruin themselves by getting in shape i ask