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Floyd Mayweather: Pacquiao Using Me To Mak...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 11 Sep 2011

Floyd: Pacquiao using me to make great paydays


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MANILA, Philippines – Controversial boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. accused boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao of making money out of his name.

Mayweather claimed in Ringtv.com that Pacquiao has been mentioning the Mayweather name to sell his fights.

“I'm wondering if you at a [Juan Manuel] Marquez press conference, why is Floyd Mayweather's name coming up if you feel like you're on the same level as a Floyd Mayweather? That's all I'm saying,” said the unbeaten boxer.

Mayweather claimed it's ironical that Pacquiao’s camp won’t allow him to speak about the Filipino boxer.

He said this was the reason he was sued for defamation.

“On one note, they try to take me to the court room, right? I prefer to hold court inside the squared circle,” he said.

Mayweather maintained that he never accused Pacquiao of taking performance enhancing drugs.

But he still insisted that Pacquiao will need to undergo Olympic-style drug testing for a Mayweather fight.

“If I say I'm the best, you say you're the best, we fighting for the best titles, we fighting in the best city in the world, we fighting in the best country in the world, so why not have the best testing? That's all I ask,” he said.

“The guy says, 'You know I'm suing Floyd Mayweather for saying that I done this or done that,' but you're still attaching your name to me… as long as he's attached to my name, he's going to make great pay days,” Mayweather added.

el_terrible06's Photo el_terrible06 11 Sep 2011

funny thing is packy seldom even mentions his name until an interviewer raises it up... meanwhile pac can get under the skin of an entire clan and render them agitated without uttering a single word about them

TonyClifton's Photo TonyClifton 11 Sep 2011


BillyTheKid's Photo BillyTheKid 12 Sep 2011

Funniest part of this all is they both used De La Hoya's name to get where they are right now with selling PPV.

simba's Photo simba 12 Sep 2011

:lol:  too funny :lol: :lol:

ender's Photo ender 12 Sep 2011

That's funny. Then I wonder why Floyd's fights always end up doing buy a room, get two tickets and one night free deals while Manny's don't.

simba's Photo simba 12 Sep 2011

View Postender, on 12 September 2011 - 06:29 PM, said:

That's funny. Then I wonder why Floyd's fights always end up doing buy a room, get two tickets and one night free deals while Manny's don't.
Does it includes buffet?

9secondko's Photo 9secondko 13 Sep 2011

What's funny is that I don't hear PAC mention Floyd until the understandable question comes up concerning that fights possibility.

Meanwhile Floyd mentions manny unprovoked.
He is the one who is name dropping. Just as he did in this very article/interview. Unprovoked.

He may or may not be the king of the ring. But Floyd is the king of double-talk and spin.

Name drop Pacquaio but do it as you claim he is doing that very thing. Clever, mister mayweather. But obvious.

PAC is in the more competitive fight, so floyd attacks him in every way except in the ring. Again. All the while drawing publicity for dropping the p4p champs name.