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Bloody Fight Renews Boxing Ban Call

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 20 May 2012

Bloody fight renews boxing ban call
  • Brigid O'Connell
  • From:  Sunday Herald Sun
  • May 20, 2012 12:00AM

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A bloodied Joel Casey during his bout with Brad Pitt at the Pavilion in Flemington. Picture: George Salpigtidis   Sunday Herald Sun

BLOODY images have renewed calls from Victorian doctors to have boxing banned.

Spectators were splattered as Sorrento boxer Brad Pitt left Queensland's Joel Casey dripping in blood during the undercard to the world title fight at the Pavilion in Flemington on Friday.

A heavily bleeding Casey, aka "2 Gunz", hung on to make the distance for the entire six rounds, despite handing an equally blood-soaked Pitt his 13th consecutive win.

AMA Victorian branch president Stephen Parnis said the gory photos showed why the sport should be banned.

"The inescapable fact is that the aim of this sport is to harm your opponent and render them unconscious. There is no safe way of doing that," Dr Parnis said.

"There is mounting evidence that concussion is more serious in terms of life-long implications than we used to think.

"There are also issues of permanent disfigurement, scarring to the face, broken bones and permanent eye injuries. The graphic photos show blood flying everywhere. It's not just revolting, it's a health risk because blood transmits infectious diseases."

But ringside physician Dr Peter Lewis said Victorian boxing led the way in safety, and Casey's ability to defend himself was not affected by the cut between his eyes.

"Not only could the fighter defend himself, he won the last round," Dr Lewis said.

Dr Lewis also said that boxers were regularly tested for transmittable diseases.

Spike's Photo Spike 20 May 2012

funny how people get so upset over a guy bleeding from cuts, it usually looks a lot worse than it is once its mixed in with sweat. cuts heal they are the least of a fighters problems.  i think these medical guys just use incidents like this to get their names in the paper.

TonyClifton's Photo TonyClifton 20 May 2012

A good corner wipes that shit away and controls bleeding. It looks worse than it really is because the cut man is most likely also the trainer

shove-aloe's Photo shove-aloe 20 May 2012

I wonder if that Doc eats his steaks rare ?  Fucking hypocrits like him eat meat but get all weepy over two consenting adults practicing one of the oldest sports known to man.

Knackers's Photo Knackers 20 May 2012

The AMA simply uses examples like this to push their cause.  These fights were shown live on Foxtel (pay TV) and it would surprise me if they had a lacky watching the fights just to identify opportunities to push their barrow.

I should also point out that the AMA is a political body comprised of medical personal and not a body that represents the views of all physicians.

the_hater's Photo the_hater 21 May 2012

enough of the ban talk.. the important thing is the sweet talking tattoo sporting pikey improved to 13-0

Knackers's Photo Knackers 21 May 2012

View Postthe_hater, on 21 May 2012 - 06:09 AM, said:

enough of the ban talk.. the important thing is the sweet talking tattoo sporting pikey improved to 13-0
cunt still owes me a caravan

BoxingFan's Photo BoxingFan 21 May 2012

Brad Pitt.


CapoScarfo's Photo CapoScarfo 21 May 2012

View PostBoxingfan32, on 20 May 2012 - 02:31 AM, said:

I watched the strikeforce fights tonight... they were pretty bloody too... perhaps people should just not watch combat sports then? Just a crazy idea.
Yea! Josh Barnett had four deep gashes on his face sat night. Banning boxing? No way! That's not going to happen anytime soon. They'd have to ban MMA,boxing, and maybe football too.