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Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 24 Sep 2012

Scots boxer Ricky Burns is untouchable, says fallen challenger Kevin Mitchell

THE Coatbridge fighter easily overcame Mitchell to defend his title and could now face fellow countryman Scott Harrison.

By Hugh Keevins, Daily Record

THE world is at Ricky Burns’ feet after his hands opened up a window of endless opportunity on the back of a four-round demolition of Kevin Mitchell.

Burns’ promoter Frank Warren observed a 10,000 crowd at the SECC on Saturday night and realised he could put the same number in the same arena to see Ricky take on his fellow countryman Scott Harrison.

Or the champion could, on the say so of the man he defeated at the weekend, unify the belts in the lightweight division because there’s no-one on earth to touch him at nine stone, nine pounds.

Then again, Burns could contemplate a move up to light-welterweight and write his name into the history books as the first Scot to become a three-weight world champion.

Whichever option he chooses the Coatbridge fighter has the dedication and the ability to see through the next phase of his career path.

Mitchell was supposed to be potentially the toughest opponent of Burns’ two-year tenure as a world champion.

But the road to redemption for the formerly wayward Londoner with the colourful social life was slammed shut in his face by a man who looked full of ferocious intent as he went about his business.

The choir boy look that can sometimes settle on Burns’s features gave way to an alter ego.

Ricky had a mean-spirited look as he pursued his quarry, beating his chest at one point in a gesture of superior strength and then admitting that he moved in for the kill when he knew he had wounded his opponent.

A combination of a left hook and a right hand took the wind out of Mitchell and before he could regain his composure Burns released the flurry of blows that convinced the referee it was time to bring the evening to a premature close.

The champion who was said not to possess the charisma to capture the public’s imagination prompted a roar of approval that was deafening and announced his arrival in their consciousness.

Now the fans wait to see where, and when, they can next see a fighter of merit and distinction.

“Ricky fighting Harrison would be a monster,” Warren said with his businessman’s hat on.

“Scott’s had two comeback fights and put in the ring time he’ll need if he wants to progress.

“I look at Ricky Hatton preparing to come back into boxing after a three-year absence and I see comparisons to be made.

“Hatton’s done some stupid things in his life since retiring from the ring and so has Scott while he’s been away.

“But at least when Scott was in a Spanish jail he had nothing else to do but keep himself in good nick.”

Under the circumstances, the last sentence was an innocent slip of the tongue. But Warren’s intentions are deadly serious.

“Burns is the best reigning champion in Britain today,” he said. “He’s a tough sod and a gritty fighter who doesn’t always get the credit he’s due. It’s his fantastic work ethic that makes him the fighter he is today and there’s no doubt he had fire in his belly against Kevin.

“Ricky came out to boss the fight from the start and he hurt the other man. He’ll be the champion for a long time if he keeps up this rate of progress.

“The win over Mitchell was a career defining moment.

“Now the fight with Harrison could happen.”

Burns reverted back to his mild-mannered persona by the time he reached the media after thrilling the crowd and dismantling Mitchell.
Would he like to fight 35-year old Harrison?

“I just fight whoever is put in front of me,” he said. “I know Scott’s itching for another chance to become a world champion but I’ll leave that up to Frank.”

Mitchell joined his friend at the conference table to vouch for the winner’s current status as a fighter without peer at lightweight.

The embrace between the two as they met inside a press room was genuine and the words that Mitchell spoke were equally heartfelt.

The English fighter said: “It felt at times as if he could have gone on for 15 rounds instead of the 12 we were supposed to have.

“That display was brilliant and showed Ricky has upped his game.

“He usually starts well then has a breather but now he’s turned into an awesome talent who’s capable of unifying the belts in this division.

“I can’t think of anyone who would be a problem to him at the moment. Ricky’s got tremendous staying power.”

Mitchell also ruled out the fact that the defending champion having home advantage, even the kind that comes 10,000 strong, had swayed the fight in his favour.

The 27-year-old could have ducked behind that excuse and played down the beating he took, but he preferred to let honesty be his policy of choice.

He said: “A ring is a ring and there are only two people who can get into it, wherever it is.

“You can’t be a two-weight world champion and not have the ability to punch. Ricky showed that was the case against me.”

Mitchell was sufficiently inspired by watching a consummate professional in action to go back on his inclination to quit if he lost to Burns.

He said: “I want to get back into the gym now, and that’s what I’ll do.”

The champion will enjoy down time in the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas, before plotting his next move.

But Burns’ latest venture into the ring was another example of leaving nothing to chance, far less gambling.

He was trained to the peak of perfection and carried out his instructions to the letter of the law.

It is the school of preparation that will see him primed and ready for whatever examination comes next.

watson748's Photo watson748 24 Sep 2012

I would rather see Burns fight Rees than Harrison and then the winner of the Broner DeMarco fight in Vegas.

DG.'s Photo DG. 24 Sep 2012

Broner is Thee fight. But would fwank let him travel??

watson748's Photo watson748 24 Sep 2012

 DG., on 24 September 2012 - 12:52 PM, said:

Broner is Thee fight. But would fwank let him travel??
Well, by all accounts he says he wants Burns fighting in Vegas next year, but as we all know Frank says a lot of things. Its not where hes fighting that concerns me, its who.

I think the Broner fight would be tremendous and would be a real pick em with a slight edge to Broner. I just have a horrible suspicion Frank doesn't want any of him. Hes fast as fuck and is difficult to hit. He can make good fighters look stupid, even in a close contest. I think Frank would be hoping that DeMarco wins the fight between him and Broner, with Burns challenging the winner, but I think thats wishful thinking. I have a feeling for Burns first US fight he may stick him with some aggressive but predictable guy like Raymundo Beltran.

Wouldn't say no to a John Molina fight :D