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Floyd Mayweather Jrs Trump Card To Mega F...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 29 Sep 2012

Mayweather Jr’s Trump Card to Mega Fight
September 29, 2012 | by Mitia - mwale Simon, Times of Zambia

BEFORE I deal with my topic for this week, the prospect of the Floyd Mayweather – Manny Pacquiao fight achingly close to happening in 2013, I join the entire boxing fraternity in expressing utter shock and dismay at the senseless and outrageous killing in cold blood of former World Boxing Organisation and World Boxing Union heavyweight champion Corrie Sanders.

The South African banger had his life cruelly cut short at age 46 when three armed men stormed a restaurant in Brits in South Africa’s North West Province with the aim of robbing it, but ended up claiming Sander’s life with stray bullets to the stomach and hand as his family were celebrating a family member’s 21st birthday party.

The 6-foot-4 Sanders, was renowned for his hand speed and power which he used effectively to sensationally  and shockingly stop favourite Ukranian giant Wladmir Klitschko in two short rounds in Germany in 2003.  Sanders was a 40-1 underdog in the fight he took at short notice. I hope the killers will be brought to book and punished severely. May his soul rest in peace.

Coming to this week’s subject, it now appears that World Boxing Council (WBC) welterweight champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr, 43-0, 26Kos holds the trump card to the much delayed, but highly anticipated showdown with his arch-rival Manny Pacquiao for supremacy and the mythical pound-for-pound title.

It was reported this past week that one of the sticking points to the prospect of the mega fight happening, purse money, appeared resolved after the Filipino relegated his interests and accepted to take a 45 per cent cut to Mayweather’s 55 per cent.

Initially, Pacquiao wanted a 50-50 split of the purse, but Mayweather rejected it saying he was the bigger draw and, therefore, deserved a lion’s share. He even suggested a 60-40 split between them, and actually dangled $40 million (about K200 billion) cash to Pacquiao so that the fight could go ahead, but Pacquiao, in rejecting the offer, said it was an insult to be treated like that.

Followers of the sport will recall that money has not been the only impediment to this fight. The first and perhaps crucial hurdle was the issue of stringent blood testing Olympic style which Mayweather insisted upon before he could fight Pacquiao.  Olympic style blood testing was used before Mayweather fought Shane Mosley, Victor Ortiz and Miguel Cotto all of whom he defeated convincingly.

The Filipino at first rejected the proposal claiming that taking blood samples from his body would weaken him, a debatable excuse since equal quantities of blood would be drawn from each fighter.

Mayweather’s insistence on blood testing is premised on not unfounded reports of boxers testing positive for illegal performance enhancing drugs in the past and in recent times in order to gain advantage over their rivals.

Andre Berto, former World Boxing Council (WBC) welterweight champion and Lamont Petersen former World Boxing Association light welterweight champion were both stripped of their titles after testing positive for drugs.

Former multi-division, star Oscar De La Hoya is firmly in Mayweather’s corner in his apparent quest to bring a higher level of drug testing to boxing. And he knows better.  He has fought two opponents who later acknowledged using steroids, beating Fernando Vargas in 2002 and losing a close decision to Mosley in 2003.

Since Pacquiao eventually agreed to Mayweather’s stringent drug testing demands and now taking a lower cut for the multi-million dollar mega fight, there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Mayweather holds the key to this all-important showdown which, by some estimates, is likely to gross over $100 million (about K500 billion) and probably enter the Guinness Book of Records as the richest in boxing history.

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Come on Mayweather, take the test. :angry2:

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