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Anthony Ogogo Exclusive Interview - I知 No...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 05 Oct 2012

Ogogo: I’m not in it for the money

SUCCESS IS WHAT I WANT ... Anthony Ogogo enjoyed that winning feeling at the Olympics
ANTHONY OGOGO insists money will not dictate when he turns professional.

Ogogo openly admits he has talked to a number of promoters since winning a bronze medal at the London Olympics.

But a pile of cash will not sway the Lowestoft middleweight as he considers his next step.

He told SunSport: “Of course, you need to make your money and make a living. Boxing is a sport but it’s a business as well.

“However, I believe that if you’re good enough the money will come.

“I’ve always been in the game to leave a legacy and become the best.

“I’d rather win a stack load of world title belts and be comfortable than earn millions and not win anything.

“I’m definitely more for the prestige than the money. I don’t want to get in and out or just play at it.

“I don’t want to fool the punters, especially as boxing fans are very knowledgeable.

“I want to have a good career, bring some massive fights to England and give people something to remember.”

Anthony Ogogo
BRIGHT FUTURE ... Ogogo must decide whether to turn pro or stay in the amateur ranks

It is clear that only the right offer will tempt Ogogo away from the Sheffield Institute of Sport and the watchful eye of Team GB head coach Rob McCracken.

But McCracken’s support could prove priceless if the 23-year-old does decide to make the transition from the amateur game to the paid ranks.

Ogogo added: “I’ve spoken to people, there’s no secret about that.

“Team GB want the best for us and Rob wouldn’t stand in my way if he genuinely believed it was a good deal. He knows the game inside out, both amateur and professional.

“Rob would stand by me and give his support regardless, so it’s just a case of speaking to everyone and taking the time needed to make my decision.

“I’ve been busy since London and I need to sit down and really think about what to do next.

“Rio is four years away and I don’t know what will happen next. I’m genuinely undecided.”

As Audley Harrison quickly discovered, Olympic success does not always translate to glory in the professional game.

And Ogogo is well aware that he will have to adapt his style to make an impression.

He said: “Amateur and pro boxing are completely different.

“I’ve developed my style to be good as an amateur and score the points needed to win a fight.

“It’s a lot like football in a way. A goalkeeper trains to be exactly that and couldn’t just come out and play really well on the right wing.

“Obviously I’d keep the things I’m good at, but I’d definitely have to eradicate a few bits.”

DG.'s Photo DG. 05 Oct 2012

The headline contradicts his words about a house etc from yesterday's articles. Lol