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Forget Beckham's Millions, Manny Pacqu...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 21 May 2013

Forget Beckham's millions, Manny and Money Mayweather show the hard old game is still a real box-office hit

By Jeff Powell
PUBLISHED: 21:35 GMT, 20 May 2013  |  UPDATED: 22:07 GMT, 20 May 2013

After all the hullabaloo about David Beckham earning more than the gross national product of many third world countries, it turns out that he is not even the best paid sportsman on the planet.
Nor the second.

Those top two places belong – to the chagrin of those who condemn their sport as a throw-back to the dark ages – to boxers.

Floyd Mayweather is guaranteed at least US$90million (£58.94m) this year. Manny Pacquiao has banked $57.3m (£37.52m) in the past 12 months.

Beckham, poor lad, raked in only $46m (£30.12m) in 2012. That is not enough to gain him a place in the top five most highly remunerated athletes in the world, even though he has nudged above Lionel Messi among the richest footballers.

These figures, compiled from Sports Illustrated’s analysis of the biggest earners in American sport and France Football’s review of the finances of the world game, make mockery of the repeated claims that boxing is dying.
The hard old game is thriving. The theory that it is being overtaken by the UFC in America does not chime with the main cable networks in the United States – Showtime and HBO – being locked in a bidding war as ferocious in its way as the boxing matches they are competing to broadcast.

And that is happening even while terrestrial giants CBS are entering the fray. BBC and ITV please take note.

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Beckham has just retired, his networth is double that of Mayweather's and will carry on doing so through endorsements.  If Mayweather wasn't such a tit and beat up women then he could of made double the amount he is on now.