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Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 25 May 2013

As Froch and Kessler prepare for battle, who are the women in their corners?

By Mike Dawes, dailymail.co.uk
PUBLISHED: 11:45 GMT, 25 May 2013  |  UPDATED: 18:29 GMT, 25 May 2013

While all eyes will be on the ring at London's O2 Arena on Saturday night as Carl Froch takes on Mikkel Kessler, two women in their respective camps will get their own fair share of attention.

Froch's partner and mother of his two children Rachael Cordingley is a glamour model while Kessler's sister Linse is a reality TV star and fetish model.

But the Dane has expressed his regret at his sibling's choice of career.

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Behind every man: Linse Kessler (left) and Rachael Cordingley (right) are models of a different kind

'I don't really like it but she is my sister,' he told The Guardian. 'These reality programmes are not for me and I was not that happy to be in one of them. It helps her fame because it was about our family.

'But she does crazy things with breast enlargements and she's stabbed people before. At the same time, she can be a very sensitive person with a big heart. She is my sister so I love her.And Danish people really like her.

'She'll go on TV and say she hates traffic wardens and wants to beat them up. She once stabbed someone and went to jail and the interesting thing is that she is not afraid to tell people. She is very honest. So I know she means it when she says she wants me to stop boxing. She has this caring side.'

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Famous pair: Kessler is well known in Denmark for her rather enlarged pair of breasts

Cordingley meanwhile has done numerous photoshoots for men's magazines, including Zoo and Maxim.

And she is also well known for her animated ringside antics during Froch's fights.

'I'm not shouting advice, just encouragement,' she insists. 'I love him so much, and I know what time and effort he puts in.'

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Jesus, thought that was his missus for a second. Euuuuurgh... :unsure:

Manchester Hitman's Photo Manchester Hitman 25 May 2013

She's fcuking repulsive