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Thursday Night Fights @ Yas Island To Be T...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 21 Sep 2013

INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA IBF/AFRICA) – SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2013, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – It is regarded as the MEGA boxing bonanza ever take place in this part of Arabian Gulf when the US based Moroccan Said Ouali lock horns with Ghanaian Ebenezer Lamptey in Abu Dhabi's Ya Island to vie for the vacant IBF AMEPG Welterweight Crown. The two boxers with credible boxing records are the most talked about sportsmen in this MEGA tournament which will incorporate other boxing luminaries of great status in the Lion Heart Boxing Promotion's rumble of the year.

The Oil and Gas rich "ABU DHABI" Kingdom and one of the United Arab Emirates grouping kingdoms is strategically placing itself as the boxing force in the Arabian Gulf region and a major player for the "Sports Tourism" better known as "PRO BOXING TOURISM".

The October 17, 2013 would be the DAY to be reckon with when four boxers fights for the IBF Africa, Middle East, Arabian and Persian Gulf (IBF AMEPG) Titles. It is the day that the Kingdom's boxing stakeholders from across the UAE have been waiting for and they will flock to the boxing venue in their thousands.

The tournament will take place on October 17, 2013 under the Thursday Night Fights banner at the  du Forum, located on Yas Island, in Abu Dhabi and to be promoted by the Lion Heart Boxing Productions, Ltd., a global Boxing Promotion and Sports & Entertainment Company based in Kinnelon, New Jersey (USA). This will be Abu Dhabi’s first-ever live professional boxing event.

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Ouali (right) pummeling his opponent

The Moroccan Said Ouali's boxing record of 29(21)-4(2)-0 against Ebenezer Lamptey's boxing record of 23(18)-2(1)-0 would determine the fate of the "IBF AMEPG Welterweight Crown". Who would have expected that in few years Said Ouali would emerge as the Pound for Pound slugger and a world class boxing material!

Ouali's metaphoric rise and illustrious career in the paid ranks did not come from the Manna but was shaped and managed well by Lion Heart Boxing Productions, Ltd. Recently, the  Lion Heart Boxing Productions, ltd CFO, Edward B. Mendy proclaimed that he sees the potential of Abu Dhabi as Boxing Mecca and are excited to be the early movers in the space.

Edward Mendy is a visionary promoter who approaches boxing promotion differently from the other traditional boxing promoters. He set the ground for his boxers to successfully engage in the sport with an avenue for progression in their careers. This approach has greatly benefited many boxers under his control hence Said Ouali's successful boxing career.

The Thursday Night Fights @ Yas Island will be streamed live on ESPN3. Also, it will be televised in the USA in over 100 Million American cable homes. Thursday Night Fights @ Yas Island also may be seen on TV nationally in the UAE nationally, in primetime, and will syndicated regionally and in other markets, as feasible.  

Now, Abu Dhabi and the UAE will get a chance to experience why Thursday Night Fights is billed “The Best Fight Series of all Time.”

Watch this space for further news on this grand entry to Abu Dhabi as the IBF set forth the colorful future for boxers in Africa, Middle East, Arabian and Persian Gulf respectively.

As Janis Joplin revealed in "The Rhythm Room" that "Some talents never get old" so would the boxing talents of many a boxers still contributing in various sphere of boxing fraternity would come to the attention of the boxing stakeholders during the "Thursday Night Fights @ Yas Island" in Abu Dhabi.