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New Opponent For Kid Galahad

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 08 Sep 2014

Sheffield boxing: New opponent for Kid Galahad

Kid Galahad believes scheduled Commonwealth Super Bantamweight opponent Tyson Cave has wimped out of their planned contest in Sheffield.

A back injury forced Cave to withdraw from the show at Ponds Forge, Sheffield on 20th September. Unbeaten number 15 ranked WBO Latino Super Bantamweight champion Adeilson Dos Santos will now face Galahad.

The Ingle man said: “I’m gutted Cave has pulled out, personally I don’t think he fancied it and didn’t want to face me. He knew I would be too good and too strong for him. I haven’t seen too much of Dos Santos but he is unbeaten, world ranked in the WBO and was highly ranked in the WBC ratings until they removed him when he fought for the WBO Latino title. But that doesn’t worry me, I will be bringing my A game and whoever steps in the ring with me on the 20th will be getting knocked out.”

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