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Carl Frampton - 'he's Hot Property...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 08 Sep 2014

'He's hot property and will be a wealthy man'

By Dave McAuley – 08 September 2014
Once you are world champion the phone is never off the hook. It is intense.

I remember the Press at the front door, regularly following you. It didn't bother me. It wasn't always full-on but I did find it strange at the time.

That's part and parcel of it, the 500 phone calls a day. People will be phoning you more days than not.

This is Carl Frampton's chance now to make money. His three-fight contract is coming to an end.

He could go to HBO in America, Sky TV. He has got lots of options. Now is the time to make a handful of money.

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