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Jamie Moore Wants To See Scott Quigg And C...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 10 Sep 2014

Jamie Moore wants to see Scott Quigg and Carl Frampton fight in the summer

Quigg, Crolla and Joshua are the leading lights in Manchester

By Jamie Moore.   Last Updated: 10/09/14 4:42pm

Scott Quigg is back to defend his world title as the live fight season starts on Sky Sports.
Quigg defends against Stephane Jamoye a week after Carl Frampton joined him in the elite level at super-bantamweight and surely set up an all-British, two world-title tussle.

Well it will be the talk of the Phones 4u Arena in Manchester on Saturday, but with home favourite Anthony Crolla trying to keep his world title dream alive and Anthony Joshua making his debut up there, who better to set the scene than another local lad, Jamie Moore...

Now they both have world titles, the talk is about a future fight between Quigg and Frampton. But when do you want to see it?

JAMIE SAYS: I know people want it to happen next, but I wouldn't like to see it straight away. What I would really like to see is them both boxing on the same bill in the early spring to build it up to an even bigger fight - and that would make it into a huge fight. These two are both world champions now so they need to be boxing at a high level against people who are at a certain calibre. A mandatory each - I am assuming Quigg deals with Stephane Jamoye on Saturday - at that level is risky but the reward at the end of it would carry them through any fight.  We are heading to the Phones 4u Arena on Saturday and make no mistake, if they put them both on the same bill there, they would sell it out straight away. I would do that. Put them on the same bill and you would get 22,000 no problem, then after that, they would get double, maybe even treble that number in the summer. We don't to be waiting too long, letting it drag on for too long, but a tease.

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