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Instant Replay Enters Ring - But Plan Has...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 11 Sep 2014

Boxing Notes: Instant replay enters ring

But plan has flaws upon further review

By Ron Borges, Boston Herald

Boxing is finally coming into the Technology Age, albeit a bit late.

The WBC, WBA and IBF have all agreed to begin using instant replay to settle disputes in world title fights, subject to the rules of the state commissions in charge of those bouts. While that is long overdue, the involvement of local commissions, which are often inept to be kind, seems to present a potential stumbling block of some magnitude, boxing being what it is. Still it’s a start and a needed one to avoid the number of situations where viewers at home can clearly see a rules violation or an incorrect ruling by a referee without any mechanism for it to be changed at ringside.

The WBC recently made public its guidelines for instant replay and they seem reasonable and hopefully likely to avoid at least some of the absurd situations we’ve seen in recent years with false knockdowns, those incorrectly ruled as slips, questionable stoppages and tactics allowed or missed that came from well south of boxing’s recognized DMZ...

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simba's Photo simba 11 Sep 2014

Friggin 'timeouts' ?