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Hazzard’s Hiring Will Help Boxing And Mma...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 27 Sep 2014

Hazzard’s hiring will help boxing and MMA thrive in Atlantic City

By George Willis, NY Post
September 26, 2014 | 11:22pm

Larry Hazzard is back as the commissioner of the New Jersey Athletic Control Board, and you can expect the same outspoken, no-nonsense regulator who governed the department from 1985 until November 2007, when he was unceremoniously fired.

“I am who I am,” said Hazzard, who returned to his office last week, replacing Aaron Davis, who had succeeded him. “My style and the things that I’ve done have earned me recognition in the highest place of honor and that’s the International Boxing Hall of Fame. That being said, I don’t intend to change. The Larry Hazzard you knew in the past is the Larry Hazzard you’re going to get again. I am who I am. I’m no phony.”

That’s a good thing because Hazzard, 69, is also a visionary and an innovator and a protector of fighters. A three-time New Jersey Golden Gloves Champion in his youth, the Newark native was also a referee for more than 40 world title fights before becoming commissioner. During his tenure as head of the regulatory agency, he established the most comprehensive set of combat sports regulations in the nation. They included the unified rules that have been universal in both boxing and mixed martial arts.

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Danko's Photo Danko 27 Sep 2014

<p>Just in time to stack the deck in Hopkins favor</p>

HeSoNice's Photo HeSoNice 29 Sep 2014

Right in time.  5 or 6 Casinos just shut down in Atlantic City.  The place is a damn ghost town.