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The Making Of A Middleweight Boxing Champ;...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 27 Sep 2014

The Making Of A Middleweight Boxing Champ; The Inspirational Story Of Antoine "Action" Douglas

By Andrew Goodman, FORBES

Antoine Douglas has always been a fighter. Prematurely born to a mother suffering from drug addiction, Antoine’s earliest memory is being dropped off by the Department of Child Services at his aunt’s house at age 3 with a small bag of clothes. At his aunt’s, Antoine failed to find the parental guidance he’d lacked but his brother Devon, eight years his senior, looked out for him and his two other siblings. Despite Devon’s best efforts, he could not always protect Antoine; as they ended up moving from one abusive situation to another. When Antoine was 5 he and his siblings moved in with another aunt. The abuse and neglect only intensified; Antoine and his siblings have memories of being beaten with extension cords and often going hungry.

When Antoine was 6 his aunt kicked Devon out of the house, separating Antoine from his older brother for the first time in his life. Devon went to live with his high school football coach but remained determined to see that he and his siblings would have a better life.  “I made sure I was a role model to them and gave them someone to look up to…to motivate them not [to] quit,” he said in an interview for this article. At age 8, Antoine and his two other siblings went to live with a cousin—hoping this new living environment would finally provide the stability they sought—but soon realized their cousin’s real motivation for taking them in was money. The cycle of neglect and hunger continued. The one positive legacy of Antoine’s stint with his cousin was introducing Antoine and his sister Tyrieshia to boxing. In the boxing community Antoine found a network of care and support....

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