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Top 10 Boxing Controversies

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 04 Oct 2014

Top 10 boxing controversies

Sunday, 5 October 2014 - 8:36am IST | Agency: DNA

Mike Tyson bites off part of Evander Holyfield's ear (1997)
Circa June 28, 1997. Tyson received a cut from a headbutt. He then bit Holyfield on his right ear, ripping a bit of cartilage off and spitting it out. The referee deducted two points from him, and the bout continued, with Tyson biting the other ear, and then coming over to Holyfield's corner after the round to argue and fight. Tyson was disqualified, fined $3 million and temporarily banned from the sport.

Antonio Margarito is caught with plaster in his gloves (2008)
Shane Mosley's trainer noticed a powdery substance in Margarito's gloves. Consequently, Margarito was made to re-wrap his gloves three times. The substance turned out to be plaster of Paris. The sweat would make the powder harden into the equivalent of a cast. Mosley would go on to knock Margarito out in brutal fashion, and Margarito would be banned for a year.

Sugar Ray Leonard defeats Marvelous Marvin Hagler (1987)
The southpaw lost the early rounds. But he fought back and punished Leonard at times. Leonard used the large ring to circle Hagler and threw punches at the end of rounds to sway judges. Leonard won a split-decision: 113-115, 115-113 and 118-110. Hagler never fought again. Never has a fight been so richly disputed.

Lennox Lewis draws with Evander Holyfield (1999)
In the lead-up to the bout, Holyfield had famously predicted a third-round knockout. But on that fateful night, it was Lewis who called the shots. Holyfield, was, quite clearly, beaten. The Madison Square Garden crowd witnessed a one-sided bout but the contest was declared a draw. Lewis won the rematch seven months later.

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boxalettice 's Photo boxalettice 05 Oct 2014

I thought del la hoya beat shane mosely easy in the second bout. plus mosely was on steriods and got away with it.

Raghavan1's Photo Raghavan1 05 Oct 2014

Only this much controversies in this notorious sport ?