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The Future's Light, Says Ricky Burns,...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 06 Oct 2014

The future's light, says Ricky Burns, after comprehensive win

Bert Mitchell

Monday 6 October 2014

RICKY BURNS revealed he may return to lightweight to keep his comeback on track.

The Scot was speaking in the aftermath of his comprehensive success over Frenchman Alexandre Lepelley in Leeds on Saturday night, his first outing at light-welterweight after moving up a division, and one that ended a two-loss streak. But Burns, who sported a slight paunch, made the 140lb weight limit with such ease under the guidance of a new dietician that he has admitted he is now giving serious consideration to dropping back down to 135lb.

"Obviously I am glad I've got the win behind me and now I can start looking forward but I have to admit that making the weight at light-welter was just a bit too easy," revealed Burns. "I came in under 10 stone and I was way lighter than I should have been the whole way up to the fight, I think because I have been working with a new dietician.

"I will be sitting down with Alex [Morrison], Eddie [Hearn, promoter] and my trainer Tony Sims, but if the dietician can get me down for 135lb to fight at lightweight without a problem then moving back down would be my best option. So it could well be that my problems in doing lightweight were not in making the weight but in how I was doing it. If we can complete that process more easily then there are some top domestic fights out there I'd love to get stuck into."

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