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Floyd Mayweather Way Off Mark With Oscar D...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 13 Oct 2014

Floyd Mayweather way off mark with Oscar De La Hoya criticism

By Kevin Iole
Floyd Mayweather is an immense talent, but boxing not only survived, it thrived, long before he ever pulled on a pair of gloves. And, as much as it might jolt his ego, it will survive just fine once he decides he to retire from the ring for good.
Boxing survived the retirements of Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard and it will survive without Mayweather, as well.

For all the good Mayweather thinks he's doing for the sport, the reality is he's doing it far, far, far more harm. Forget the lunacy of not making the fight with Manny Pacquiao, a bout the fans of the sport that he professes to want to please, have been desperate to see. The problem here is that Mayweather's success has led him to believe that it's a sport of one and that he's the only fighter who matters.

There are many fans and sycophants in the media who buy that angle and repeat it ad nauseum, but...

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