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Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 15 Oct 2014

An encounter with boxing legend Mike Tyson

By Isabelle Kumar

Euronews’ Isabelle Kumar dashed off to Monaco to speak to world famous boxer Mike Tyson. She got a little more than she bargained for – but still has all her teeth. She describes her encounter.

Meeting a moody Mike in Monaco

It was an experience to say the least. Mike Tyson arrived one hour late… Beforehand, I was told he was in a bad mood. Great. My last interview for The Global Conversation was with UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon, the next is with designer Philippe Starck, both are imposing figures but neither possesses the same slightly unnerving qualities as the self-proclaimed “baddest man on the planet”.

He arrived in a whirlwind, looking gigantic and surrounded by some 30 people. We had a great interview location in a lush velvety auditorium in Monaco’s Sportel complex. Mike Tyson sat on his chair which suddenly looked comically tiny beneath him. Immediately, an equally large member of his entourage, who did not care to introduce himself, read me the Riot Act. I was barred and double barred, from asking Mike Tyson anything about his personal life. Tricky that, as that was what my interview was pretty much all about. After some tense negotiation, supported by Monaco’s extremely helpful press team, we had the green light to go ahead. Phew. I scanned the room. A young kid, who I think was Tyson’s son, was already sound asleep, stretched out on some of the theatre seats, knocked out by jet lag it seemed. There were also...

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