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Column: Spinks Fighting A Different Battle

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 15 Oct 2014

Column: Spinks fighting a different battle

Tim Dahlberg AP Sports Columnist

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Mr. T was his bodyguard, which right away tells you something about Leon Spinks and his brief yet wildly entertaining stint as the heavyweight champion of the world.

Someone had to keep watch over Leon and his full length fur coat. Someone had to know where his false front teeth were, and Mr. T and his gold chains had yet to make it big in television.

Ah, yes, the teeth. His ex-wife once had custody over one set of them during their divorce proceeding, and Leon lost another in a mugging in Detroit that also cost him the $45,000 fur coat.

"I was trying to bite the guy and they came out and he stole them," Spinks would say years later. "It's so damn weird, people taking my teeth."

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