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New Regime For Sheffield Boxer Scott Jenkins

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 15 Oct 2014

New regime for Sheffield boxer Scott Jenkins

Scott Jenkins is taking a few months out of the ring to conquer health and weight issues, following the loss of his unbeaten record.

The Sheffield lightweight was beaten by an average Czech opponent, Jan Holec, at Ponds Forge on September 20 to put the only blemish on a 14-fight record.

Jenkins says a yeast problems and dieting were issues he had to overcome before coming back in the New Year.

“When I started boxing I thought it was easy and cut a few corners on dieting and cheated in training” he said.

“But I was OK until the last three or four fights when I struggled to make the weight comfortably.

“I’d had a tooth infection and the anti-biotics I was taking killed off the ‘good bacteria’ which...

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