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Anthony Joshua Given Warning By Heavyweigh...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 15 Oct 2014

Anthony Joshua given warning by heavyweight giant David Price: I will take the head off your shoulders

David Price believes Anthony Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn is taking a huge risk putting the young boxer in the ring with him next year

By Gareth A Davies

Big-punching David Price has warned Anthony Joshua and his promoter Eddie Hearn that putting the young Londoner in the ring with him next year will be a huge risk as he "will be looking to take Joshua's head off his shoulders".

Price has knocked out 15 of his 18 victims in the ring.

Price believes Hearn will be risking too much as the promoter goes about building the Olympic champion into a star. "I'll be looking to take his head off his shoulders," said Price, 6ft 9in and 17st, who has arguably the most devastating right hand in heavyweight boxing.

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BoxingFan's Photo BoxingFan 17 Oct 2014

Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing that fight.

Yes, I know that David Price is damaged goods.  But he does have power, can threaten at domestic level, and would be a big step up for Anthony Joshua.  It's one Joshua can win, I feel, but also one filled with danger.  If Price connects, we don't know how Joshua would handle it.

It'd be an explosive fight, that probably wouldn't go any longer than most of Joshua's fights, but is still a 50/50 fight.