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Gennady Golovkin Will Win Again But Nonito...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 17 Oct 2014

Gennady Golovkin will win again but Nonito Donaire could be beaten, says Jamie Moore

Unbeaten Walters could bring Donaire's career to an end

Gennady Golovkin and Nonito Donaire are two of the biggest pound-for-pound stars around and they are both live in the early hours of Sunday morning, but Jamie Moore thinks there will be a disappointing outcome for one of them...

Live Fight Night International facts

Nickname: The Philipino Flasg
Age: 31
Lives: California, USA
Record: 33-2
KOs: 21
Nickname: Axe Man
Age: 28
Lives: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Record: 24-0
There is talk that Nicholas Walters is going to cause big, big problems for Nonito Donaire. What do you make of the 'Axe Man'?

Jamie says: Well the first thing to say is Walters is a good fighter, a really good fighter. He's not fought the very best but I've had a close look over the last five or six fights and style-wise he could be a nightmare for Donaire. He's a tall and rangy featherweight and more and more people are saying this lad is the real deal. He's got a lovely, lovely jab but when he opens a gap and lets his shots go, he is spiteful. We haven't seen his full potential yet and maybe it's going to take a fighter of this magnitude to bring the best out of him. Also, if Donaire was going in against a come-forward, aggressive fighter it would suit him, but he'll have to go looking for Walters and that will get him frustrated and I can see Walters making him pay.
You are a Donaire fan, so taking Walters out of the equation, what concerns you about the Filipino Flash?

Jamie says: We've all loved this guy. He's such a great fighter to watch, he's always entertaining and we know he's a big puncher. Obviously I love the left-hook more than anything and he is the man that's got one of the best around. But he is probably a bantam or super-bantamweight at best and although moving up to featherweight is only a four-pound difference, the weight could be a real issue on Saturday. But the one thing that worries me is Donaire's motivation. He has had a long, hard career that has had some hard fights and big ones as well, so how much has he got left? I am not sure you can even push yourself to the limit in the gym when you've had so much success. It just reminds me of Oscar De La Hoya; he had won everything, went up to take on Bernard Hopkins and lost. Walters is no Executioner but I still think he wins. This could well be the end for Donaire.
The main man is obviously Gennady Golovkin. People say he could be the pound-for-pound best, do you agree?

Jamie says: Yes, I'd say so. Mind you, I get butterflies just hearing that name! It could be nerves, it could be excitement, but boy, this is the man at the moment. He has had some great wins but you do wonder who is brave enough to step in with him. Yes he made light work of Matty Macklin but British fans know how decent he is and Golovkin made him look like a complete novice. Let's be honest, he is an absolute beast, a phenomenal fighter. Yes he's got that power but he's also got some slick - and extremely under-rated - skills. He looks like he's just a come-forward banger but it's the subtleties he has, like the way he shifts his feet in range, the little feints and the way he glides into range. He's nice and composed and then all of a sudden he's on top of his poor opponent.
He's up against Marco Antonio Rubio and this will be the Mexican's 67th professional fight. Will experience be a big advantage or is ignorance bliss when you take on the best?

Live Fight Night International facts

Nickname: GGG
Age: 32
Lives: Stuttgart, Germany
Record: 30-0
Nickname: El Veneno
Age: 34
Lives: Torreon, Mexico
Record: 59-6-1
Jamie says: He has been around for ages and the one thing he knows how to do is survive. He's been in with big punchers before but if I am honest, Golovkin is a step up in class. Rubio himself can also bang so I am interested to see what happens when - or maybe.....

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That's right Moore, you tell 'em.