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Billy Mckee And Carl Frampton - A Tale Of...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 21 Oct 2014

Billy McKee and Carl Frampton - a tale of respect

Midland ABC chief honoured by Queen and hailed by his brighest star

By David Kelly
You don't have to spend much time in the company of Carl Frampton and Billy McKee to see they are hewn from the same solid, grounded Tigers Bay granite.

Billy has spent 40 years coaching boxers and half that time has included keeping a watchful eye over Carl. The past month has been a special time for both as the Jackal's IBF World super-bantamweight title success was followed up by Billy being awarded a British Empire medal by the Queen for services to boxing.

Chatting over a pot of tea in the Moyola Cafe, just a stone's throw from the Midland Amateur Boxing Club in the Bay where the 27-year-old learned his trade, it is easy to see why the two men remain as close as ever. Respect and trust is unquestioned and Carl - putting his special talent to one side - is everything that former boxer and Distillery midfielder Billy expects from a Midland ABC man...

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