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Nonito Donaire Swears: I Still Have A Lot...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 21 Oct 2014

Donaire swears: I still have a lot left


MANILA, Philippines – Despite a brutal knockout loss in his most recent fight, former world champion Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire believes he still has a lot left in the tank and plans to return to the ring next year.

Donaire failed to defend his WBA featherweight strap when he was knocked out by Jamaica's Nicholas Walters in the sixth round of their title fight – the first knockout loss of his career.

There were some who wondered if the stoppage signaled the end for Donaire, who has now lost for the second time in his last four fights.

"This is something I enjoy," Donaire said of boxing. "I still have a lot left."...

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SW20's Photo SW20 21 Oct 2014

Nope, not much left.  He has a great left hook, nothing else.

atruesoutherngentleman's Photo atruesoutherngentleman 21 Oct 2014

For his style of fighting, he has nothing left.

The Akbar One's Photo The Akbar One 21 Oct 2014

A lot left at 118 or 122. He should just avoid Rigondeaux.

ReggieJay's Photo ReggieJay 21 Oct 2014

Donaire had a nice peak, but it's dependent IMO on how good you think Darchinyan turned out. Darchinyan wasn't the best in the division when Donaire first waxed him and might not have turned out to be a so-called "great" fighter at the end of the day.

atruesoutherngentleman's Photo atruesoutherngentleman 21 Oct 2014

Donaire has to be a ferocious/hungry fighter to fight in the style he brings to the ring. 99% of the punches he threw the other night were bombs, he just doesn't have it in him to go hard like that for 12 rounds, especially if he's going to land just 4 jabs.


Filipino Flash had the worst thing happen to him that can happen to a fighter......he went and got civilized.

He could reinvent himself as a safety first boxer, but I don't think his skillset is a good fit for being a jab 'n grabber, plus it would kill his marketability.


True Fist's Photo True Fist 21 Oct 2014

No he doesn't. Just saying what he thinks his fans want to hear. He is merely a facade of his former self now. He's not serious about the sport and is just sticking around for the paydays.

Pitbull posted in the other thread that Nonito is very similar to Judah. Talented, but just not mentally fit to fight at a high level anymore. I agree with that.

jlc80's Photo jlc80 21 Oct 2014

If Nonito was willing to surrender himself to a trainer to actually train him full time and work on his game and strategies, I would believe him. As it stands now, he has one foot in and one foot out. You can't do that in boxing.