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Interview: Irish Boxer Jason Quigley With...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 28 Oct 2014

Boxer with title dreams is ready for Plymouth bout

Monday, October 27, 2014

Irish boxer Jason Quigley turned pro in July and quickly racked up two victories. The middleweight, who is represented by Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Productions, is set to fight Thursday in Plymouth. He just arrived in the U.S. yesterday and talked to Boston Herald Radio about final preparations for the fight and his ultimate goal.

Q: What is it like for a fighter the last couple of days before a fight?

A: The last couple of days before a fight is probably the most important of the camp, keeping everything right. Keeping the weight right. All the hard work is done, you know, so now it’s all about being sharp; small, fast sessions keeping everything fast and sharp.

Q: Is there ever a concern that weight is going to be a problem?

A: Without a doubt. I’ve been boxing a long time now, and I think it’s very important thing to keep your weight right. To take it down through time. ... From a very young age, my coach and my father, Connor, have told me to bring it down right and ... to come in at a perfect weight.”............

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