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How Up-and-coming Jose Ramirez Is Striving...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 28 Oct 2014

How up-and-coming Jose Ramirez is striving to be more than just a boxer

By Kevin Iole -   Yahoo Sports

The overwhelming majority of residents of the working-class city of Avenal, Calif., labor in the fields in farm-related jobs, or in jobs that have some connection to farming.

The Ramirez family was no different.

Carlos Ramirez worked the fields for decades, ever since he was a young man, picking tomatoes, lettuce, watermelons, anything that was in season. His wife, Juanita, worked for Paramount Farms, picking pistachios. Their children, too, were involved out of necessity. It was, in many ways, the family business.

Jose Ramirez was in high school in 2008, and already was showing immense potential as a boxer. It was clear by that point that boxing could be the way out for Ramirez, but his athletic ability didn't keep him from the grind in the blistering heat of the farming fields in California’s Central Valley...

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