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An Inside Look At The Rise Of Boxer Chris...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 03 Nov 2014

An inside look at the rise of boxer Chris Algieri

By GREG LOGAN  greg.logan@newsday.com

'Raging Bull" Chris Algieri is not.

The WBO light welterweight champion of the world wasn't bred on the "mean streets" unless you find a bucolic cul-de-sac in a North Shore suburb on Long Island threatening.

He doesn't fit the stereotype of the uneducated boxer with a troubled childhood fighting his way out of poverty.

On the contrary, Algieri is trained as a classical boxer, a devotee of the "Sweet Science" who actually has intimate knowledge of the natural sciences after completing a bachelor's degree in health sciences at Stony Brook and earning a master's degree in clinical nutrition from NYIT.

Algieri's story could be a G-rated version of "Rocky" in the sense that he was a virtual...

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