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Boxing: Ibf World Champion Kell Brook Reca...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 03 Nov 2014

Boxing: IBF world champion Kell Brook recalls horrific Tenerife knife attack

Sky Sports: 03/11/14

IBF welterweight world champion Kell Brook has recalled in chilling detail the vicious knife attack which left him fighting for his life.  Speaking on The Morning View, Brook spoke about the unprovoked machete attack in Tenerife in the early hours of September 4 which left him needing 32 metal staples to close a gaping wound in his left leg.

The Sheffield-based fighter was in the Spanish holiday resort with his pregnant girlfriend and two-year-old daughter on vacation after achieving his lifetime dream on August 16 by defeating Shaun Porter in California to win the world title. Brook remembers leaving a house party in the early hours to continue drinking at the residence of a man he had met earlier that evening and he described the horrific turn of events that unfolded there.

“We were getting on fine and he was going on about street fighting and boxing, for some reason, saying they were two different things,” Brook recalled. “He said in street fighting, you can pick weapons up like knives. I just came back and said ‘anyone that picks up a knife, in my eyes, is a coward – anyone can pick a knife up’.

“He paused for four or five seconds and before I knew it he was standing over me with a knife and, with no warning, he came and swiped me in the leg. Blood was just all over. I thought ‘this is it for you now’. I thought I was going to die there so it has been bad. It has been horrible.”....

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stevieb_8006's Photo stevieb_8006 03 Nov 2014

He gets fat quickly doesn't he?

hitman_hatton1's Photo hitman_hatton1 03 Nov 2014

no one has been arrested for it then?

he is a decent fighter.

i was pleased for him winning the title over in the states.

i was just disappointed with his performance.

still think he lost the fight.

but it's all opinions ain't it.

hope his 1st defence is a bit of a gimme.

which it probably will be knowing hearn. :D