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Ricky Hatton Throws Support Behind Rising...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 06 Nov 2014

English boxing great Ricky Hatton throws support behind rising Australian fighters

by Mark Hides

One of boxing's biggest names, England's Ricky Hatton, has thrown his support behind Australian fighters who hope to follow him to the top of the sport. Hatton, the man who ended Australian Kostya Tyszu's career after a world title fight in 2005, says he has forged an ongoing love of the country, and is revelling in his work mentoring two of Australia's best young prospects.

The former world champion-turned-promoter is supporting two proteges in Brisbane, 24-year-old Cameron Hammond and 22-year-old Damien Hooper.

"When I get fighters that win a championship, or a European title or an Australian title, and they say "oh Ricky, cheers, nearly paid me mortgage off now" it makes me feel proud of the job I'm doing," Hatton said.

"Boxing is their...

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