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Ex-champions Joe Calzaghe And John Conteh...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 13 Nov 2014

Ex-champions John Conteh and Joe Calzaghe break down Cleverly v Bellew II

Mentors discuss their proteges

Sky Sports: 13/11/14

John Conteh and Joe Calzaghe were once Liverpool and Wales' elite - and now they turn their attention to Tony Bellew and Nathan Cleverly. The retired world champions are now mentors for the heated rivals who rematch next week, live on Sky Sports Box Office. Conteh and Calzaghe knew a thing or two about Queensbury Rules in their day, so why do they think their man will be victorious?
Joe Calzaghe

We know that you met Nathan when he was a kid training at your dad's gym - but how is he looking ahead of this fight?
Calzaghe said: I know Nathan, he trained with my father from a young age. We’ve done thousands and thousands of rounds of sparring. I went to see him spar last week and he’s looking calm. When you’ve got a big grudge match, it’s important to keep your composure. He’s confident - he’s already won this fight before in the first fight - so he’s got reason to be confident. I think he feels comfortable at the new weight, he’s in tremendous shape. He’s raring to go.

It’s just his persona. He won the first fight even though he wasn’t at his best. Obviously a few years down the line, this is make-or-break for both fighters so there’s tremendous pressure on both. Away from home, maybe Nathan will feed off that atmosphere. It’s all about speed - speed kills. Nathan needs to use his speed and his work rate and his boxing skill. If he does what he should do, he wins the fight.

What advice would you give Nathan?

Calzaghe said: To stay relaxed, keep the distance with footwork and feints. Try and take the sting out of Bellew. It's a 12-round fight and Nathan has the fitness and the speed. Use that speed and movement.
I think in the second half of the fight, he will push him back...

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