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Glenn Mccrory Is Delighted To Hear About E...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 16 Nov 2014

Eddie Hearn's arrival in the North East is exciting news for the region's boxers and fans

    • Nov 16, 2014 16:00

    • by Glenn McCrory

Glenn McCrory is delighted to hear about Eddie Hearn's plans for boxing in the region after signing Sedgefield's Bradley Saunders

I was delighted this week to hear about Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Boxing signing Bradley Saunders and promising to bring big shows to the region in the future.

Bradley has been doing well for Warren but he has made a decision, that I’m sure he has his own reasons for, to come and join Matchroom.

On a personal note not I am really happy because, of course, it means I’m now going to be able to see a lot of Bradley and work a lot closer with him.

Hearn’s promise of bringing big boxing bills up here is really exciting and our fight fans may, in the near future, get the chance to see stars like Anthony Joshua in action...

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