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Smith V Sjekloca: Would Callum Smith Troub...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 16 Nov 2014

Smith v Sjekloca: would Callum Smith trouble George Groves or James DeGale?

Brother Paul is adamant while Watt has another match in mind...

Sky Sports By The Panel

Callum Smith is the young gun closing in on the established super-middleweight stars, so while he focuses on Nikola Sjekloca on November 22, we thought we'd get The Panel to look into the future...
Callum Smith is the latest super-middleweight in Britain to close in on a world title but if he was to take on James DeGale or George Groves, which one would he cause problems to?

Paul Smith: Both of them! Yes he's my brother but this is a kid I see every day and styles make fights, so either one would be in trouble. You need the attributes and he's got them; he's 6ft 3in and more than capable of fighting up close. He has everything and could take on either of them and as much as I respect them, I think he beats George Groves and James DeGale.

Jamie Moore: He'd probably trouble Groves more. The reason why is because George likes to have a bit of a tear-up and while he can box on the back foot, you can draw him in to a proper fight - and you do not want to do that against someone who can punch like Callum Smith. I think James DeGale's...

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hitman_hatton1's Photo hitman_hatton1 17 Nov 2014

solid match up this one.