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Can Fans Afford Mayweather Vs Pacquiao?

simba's Photo simba 18 Nov 2014

Can fans afford Mayweather Vs Pacquiao?

The highest grossing fight of all time was 2007′s Oscar De La Hoya vs Floyd Mayweather. Priced at $55, the fight did 2.4 million buys and generated over $130 million

by Gabriel Montoya  - Crave Online

Floyd Mayweather, Jr versus Manny Pacquiao. Though some of the luster may be off of the match-up, it’s still the biggest fight in boxing. It’s the fight everyone wants to see. However the bill might keep this particular violent entree away. Never mind the myriad of reasons the fight has been delayed until now, the size of the pie and how it’s divided keeps this fight a daydream.

When a fight is broadcast on a premium network such as HBO or Showtime, the cable provider is footing the bill for the services of the fighters. When an event is on PPV, the promoter or promoters foot the bill and handle the logistics of marketing and staging the event. For a PPV, the promoter enters into various distribution and marketing deals in order to pay for the event. In this PPV scenario, the promoter is betting that what they spend on promoting the PPV fight is less than the amount of homes that buy it. How they do that is by attracting not just the hardcore fan but the casual sports fan and in some special cases, the non-sport fan who loves a good spectacle.

Pacquiao-Mayweather, at least in the late 2009-early 2010, had the hardcore-casual-non-sports fan triumvirate of interest. In 2014, with Pacquiao two fights removed from being knocked ice cold by Juan Manuel Marquez, not so much. That face plant hit Sportscenter, twitter, facebook, and the Memeverse so hard, it is hard to sell Pacquiao as a threat against Mayweather in 2014. But lack of danger isn’t the only obstacle here. There are more than a few reasons why Pacquiao-Mayweather likely won’t happen.

But let’s assume...

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Raghavan1's Photo Raghavan1 19 Nov 2014

Good article Gabe. You have diced up the situation nicely.

gdgills's Photo gdgills 19 Nov 2014

I am not sure his starting premise is correct.  It had been widely reported that the highest grossing PPV of all time was Floyd v Canelo, but Oscar v Floyd is the highest selling PPV of all time.