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Why The Pressure Is On Manny Pacquiao To P...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 21 Nov 2014

Why the pressure is on Manny Pacquiao to put on a show

By Kevin Iole -  Yahoo Sports

MACAU – Manny Pacquiao has something to prove. The WBO welterweight champion and Filipino congressman wants to prove that not only does he remain relevant, but that he's still capable of the explosive displays that once made him the world's most popular boxer.

It's been five years since Pacquiao last knocked out an opponent. His pay-per-view numbers are down, and he's seemingly in the homestretch of a career that will one day land him in the Hall of Fame.

But he wants to avoid the trend of a series of losses that many legendary boxers endure in their final bouts and the ignominy of losing to a largely unheard of opponent....

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